Welcome to The Lotus Pond!

My name is Silverlotus, and I am a former Presbyterian, former Wiccan, and current spiritual seeker looking for the right path for me. I believe the spiritual paths I used to follow are still perfectly valid, but they don’t feed my soul in the way I need. And so, I am looking for something more, something deeper. Full-Color Decorative Bird Illustrations - 3

On this site you will find several pieces I wrote about Wicca back when I was practising that faith. (A full site-map is available here.) When I walked that path I truly believed everything I wrote, and I still do today. But, in my heart I know Wicca isn’t the path for me. I don’t feel that invalidates anything I have written, since it was all researched and carefully thought out.

You will also find articles relating to Tarot, something I still love a great deal. Sadly, I don’t have as much time to pursue that passion as I used to, but Tarot will likely always be something I use and it is never far from my mind or heart (or body, since I do most of my writing sitting right next to my Tarot collection).

If you have enjoyed you visit (or if you haven’t), I’d love to hear from you. Please stop by my contact page and send me a note. I’d also love to hear from you if you have any ideas for something you’d like me to write about.