Teen Sites

I’ve been at total lose ends lately because I haven’t had a project to work on. Actually, now that I think about it, that isn’t really true. I’ve had a lot of projects (cross stitch database, studying Tarot, my main site, etc.) but they were all for me, so they just don’t seem all that important. (Now that’s something to think about…) Anyway, I have finally found a project to work on!

During a rather lengthy chat with a leadership member of CFFN, we got to talking about the lack of depth in some of the lessons. The lessons themselves are sound, but I felt that if one wasn’t doing some further reading, then one was missing a lot. He agreed and suggested I come up with some sort of suggested reading list. I was inspired. Surfing the web to find excellent resources is something that I have done in the past for a few different topics. I actually rather enjoy it… except for all the animated graphics and midi music.

This morning I got started by looking for useful sites for teens. It was a lot harder then I expected it to be. I did find some good sites presented adults, but I really wanted a site written by a teen for teens. I looked at probably close to forty sites, and none were of the quality that I wanted. Most were full of bad history, confused terminology, useless spells, and in some cases just general silliness. It actually made me a little sad. I don’t expect teens to be little scholars, but a little bit of research into the faith the claim to follow is surely not too much to expect. I know that I personally did a lot of research before I called myself Wicca, and I was in my early teens at the time. I guess not all teens are avid readers, nor are all of them ready for spiritual and religious journeys. Sadly, with many of the sites I got the feeling the site’s creator was “doing” Wicca because it was cool and because spells promise (but don’t deliver) quick fixes.