Always with the Writing

I’ve had a busy day today–laundry, writing, reading, and eating. It’s getting nearer to “that time of the month” (yes, TMI) and I am starving, as I usually am around now. I wish I knew why. It is actually pretty annoying.

A good portion of my day has been spent typing up some new articles for The Lotus Pond. Generally I write them all by hand, usually on the sofa at night while watching TV, and then type them up the next day. I’ve been especially prolific lately, and hadn’t gotten around to typing everything up. And there is still a backlog of about another seven articles to be typed and polished. A few times today I got frustrated. I mean, why I am I doing this? No one reads them, and I’m not getting paid. But, in an attempt to avoid typing for a short while, I looked at my server log for today and saw that someone spend an hour on my site and visited 47 different pages. Maybe someone does read. 🙂 And really, if I didn’t write all this stuff down, I think my head would explode!

I also have a 5,000 word essay on Wiccan myths to write for my CFFN lesson. I’m still up in the air about whether I want to stick with CFFN. One friend made the argument that it is easier to be taken seriously when one has gone through some sort of training, and CFFN is certainly thorough. But, it isn’t really focusing on things that I am interested in. I am pretty well versed in Wiccan history (both mythical and real), the Sabbats, the use of ritual tools, etc. I guess I’m just looking for something more. And I’m not really sure if it matters to me whether I have some sort of “officially” recognized degree or what-have-you. (I am doing the WitchSchool course too, but I’m even less impressed with it.) I’m pretty solitary. I do try to reach out to people through my site, but I think my work is evidence of my experience. I don’t really know though. I guess I’ve still got a few days left to make up my mind, before the lesson is due.


3 Responses

  1. Mari says:

    :waves crazily: Hey, I read your articles! Promise!!

  2. Silverlotus says:

    Awww! Thanks. *sniff* 😥

  3. Amanda says:

    Sil – I look forward to your articles and your site is one of my frequent stops for good and interesting reading! 🙂