Humour of Nature

Somewhere along the way I lost my sense of humour. It’s pretty sad to wake up one day and realize that. Very rarely to I laugh out loud at anything, and my jokes tend to be sarcastic. I was very distressed by this revelation, and have been making an attempt to rediscover the humour in life. (Difficult to do these days, but I’m reinstating my newsfast.)

So, the other day I did a Google search for Wiccan Humour (I’m starting small). Some of the stuff I found was funny, and some was a little mean. But one site in particular I found both funny and poignant: The Glass Temple’s Other Tarot. This was obviously written by someone with knowledge of the Tarot, since some of the cards are excellent twists on the traditional.

There was one card that caught my eye and stuck with me for several days afterwards: The Nature Lover?. The description is of a heavily made-up pagan holding a symbol of nature–a plastic tree. The upright meaning is given as “Examine that what you claim is your passion is something that you’re really passionate about.” If ever there was a symbol for modern Paganism, this is it! How many Pagans out there claim to be nature lovers, yet never spend any real time out of doors. Until recently I would count myself amongst them, but with the coming of spring and a change in attitude (including a sense of humour about changeable weather and bird droppings) I have rediscovered the beauty of nature… including dirt.

Flowers are fleeting, so enjoy their beauty. Take a walk around your neighbourhood today and enjoy the spring flowers. Tulips, bluebells, pansies, crocuses and daffodils are all making their appearance around here.

So where does the humour come in? I’m happy to say that when I saw myself reflected in that card I was able to laugh and to make a change in my life.

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  1. Marc says:

    You should watch Oblivious, on Spike (formerly TNN), it’s hilariously funny. I rarely laugh at tv programs, but that and Jon Stewart are definately good.