Significator Quiz

Over on the Lotus Pond, I posted an article a while back about all the different ways to choose a Tarot significator. (I think I might have to update my ideas to deal with my new Daughters of the Moon deck though, since it only has three court cards… *sigh*) Today I came across a quiz someone designed to help one pick a significator. The questions are pretty good, but it is easy to slant your answer if you know the attributes associated with each card. But, I guess all quizzes are like this to some extent. Anyway, my results:

WATER OF EARTH. Mommy! Well, you could be. You are good with plants and small creatures such as children. You’re very generous and basically great hearted. You probably make mad whack cookies and are good at managing the household; also businesses. You’d make a good tax person, book keeper, gardener, massage therapist, etc. The ever domestic and practical one, you can stretch a penny and make ramen noodles go a long way.
Quiz created by Polly Snodgrass.

And, interestingly enough (or not), these results square with most of the methods I give in my essay. I’m a fairly typical Queen of Pentacles all ’round.