Thoughts on Thoth

Lately I have been reading A History of the Occult Tarot 1870 – 1970 by R. Decker and M. Dummett. It is an excellent book that is, unfortunately, more of a survey of magical orders then a history of the Tarot. I am stilling finding it to be a worthwhile read, though. And I highly recommened it to anyone interested in the history of the Tarot.

Perhaps the most important thing that has come from reading this book is a confirmation of my feelings about Aleister Crowley. I recognize his genius for magic, but I have long felt he was a dirty old man out for attention. His blasphemies, such as they were (on one occasion, he baptized a frog Jesus Christ, crucified it and ate it to raise himself to the magical degree of 9=2), seem so very childish. All in all, I have finally decided to stop pursuing my stalled studies of his Thoth Tarot. Quite frankly, I don’t agree with some of his attributions or choices of symbols (although I do understand them, to a degree). The path he followed is so very different from my own, and I find it difficult to relate to much of what he has to say. And, although I am sure there is much to be gained from his writings, I have no intentions of becoming a Ceremonial Magician or contacting my Holy Guardian Angel.

I think this partly comes down to getting over more of my self-imposed shoulds. As a student of the occult and the Tarot, I feel I should study Crowley and his Tarot. Yet I haven’t been paying attention to whether or not it is really relevant to my path. And you know, it’s not. I crave more Pagan and feminine symbolism, and the Thoth deck isn’t meeting that need.

I think that if I want to study the G.D. or magical workings in the future, I would be better off reading Regardie or Fortune. But for now, it is time for me to eBay my Thoth deck and books. Unless some wants to make me an offer… They are all very gently used. 🙂