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I’m very surprised with the way my Tarot collection has changed over the past couple of years. Back when I first started reading Tarot, nearly fourteen years ago, I had only one deck. I bought another deck, but quickly sold it off to a used bookstore. After using my single deck for about two years, I moved on to my next deck. It kept me happy for many years, all through high school in fact. I eventually tried branching out and bought a couple of other decks, after losing interest in my old decks and their symbolism and (in one case) weird take on traditional symbolism.

During university I all but put Tarot aside. I just didn’t have time to spend on it. When I picked up my decks again, I found that none of them suited me. I traded them away and got other decks, which, in the end, turned out to be pretty much the same as the ones I originally had. I had been sticking with the fairly traditional, and ignoring deeper symbolism.

Lately my deck collection has really morphed it something totally different. Although I am in the process of selling off my Thoth deck and books, I still have one Thoth based deck. I also have a Marseille deck and book, and a feminist deck. I’ve got the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck and deck that takes a reverse look at it (Tarot of the New Vision). I also have a Pagan deck and an Ancient Egyptian deck. My collection has become much more rounded, and with it so has my knowledge of Tarot. There is a lot to be said for moving out of one’s comfort zone.

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  1. Garnet says:

    Hello! I just came by your site through MamaMoon (was it the pagan remark?). I read this post and I can relate…sort of.
    I’ve been reading tarot for about 15 years myself. But I’ve only ever had one deck. It used to suit me but I haven’t read them for several years. I want to start reading again but I’m afraid of that old deck…mostly because of the old images and emotions I once tied into them.
    But “finding” the right deck feels different this time. I’m not sure what I should be feeling when I’m trying to feel for the right deck. Mostly I’m just absorbing the pictures on the cards to see how they make me feel.
    Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to find a new deck? And what should I do with the old one?
    I’m gonna blogroll you! 🙂 Beautiful site you have here!