Seeing Cygnus

Last Friday I bought myself a swan broach. This week I spotted a cute plush swan in a catalog at work. Apollo, the Greek god of divination and prophecy and the cultivated arts, has made numerous appearances in my life over the past year, for nearly as long as swans have ben haunting my dreams.

I now know that there is a connection between swans and Apollo. It feels as though He has been calling me subtly, testing me to see if I could discover who he was. Now that I have realized that Apollo is calling to me, I feel a little confused. To me, He is a very patriarchal god. In one of His myths He slew the Python, a figure representative of the pre-historic Goddess religion. He is also known for His numerous love affairs, many of which did not end happily.

I see myself as fairly feminist in my worship. I am a devotee of Isis, a very feminine goddess. To be called by such a masculine god must be a way to balance out my worship. The two, an unlikely pair in my eyes, give me a chance to experience a greater spectrum of the divine. It will be interesting to see how Their energies interact.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I get this amusing image in my head, of Apollo and Isis squabbling like an old married couple over you. 😉