Homegrown Wicca

Building off my entry from the other day, I am hoping to form a more homegrown and integrated from of spirituality for myself. A sort of kitchen-witchery, with spontaneous rituals and a personalized correspondence and symbol set. Essentially, I want to bring Wicca into my everyday life where I can learn spiritual lessons from everything and where I don’t need a formal Circle to worship.

This is an ideal that is mentioned in many books, but how to achieve this integration is glossed over or ignored. You are told you can worship without a Circle, and then you are told how to cast one anyway and, oh yeah, it is best to always cast one for protect. Protection from what, I want to know. If I am communing with the Lord and Lady, aren’t they capable of protecting me? I will grant that Circle casting is probably a wise idea when casting difficult magic or when working with distressing subjects, but hardly necessary for talking to the divine, in my opinion.

Wicca is a mystery religion, but it doesn’t have to be mysterious or set apart from the rest of our lives. The mystery of Wicca refers to our personal contact with the Lord and Lady, and it can not be explained with words, even to those who have had their own experiences. I feel that if we set it apart from our ordinary lives, we will never fully experience the mystery.

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  1. Hawk says:

    I’m curious if you’ve ever read Sylvan’s book, The Circle Within? It has helped me with the development of my own persoanl practice.