Man, Myth or Pretty Cool Guy?

With the Easter holiday finishing up in most of the Christian world, I decided to ask my family members a couple of questions this weekend.  A bit of background first, though.  I was raised Christian by parents who are believers but not strong church goers.  My maternal grandfather, on the other hand, was a very dedicated Christian; almost a Canadian version of the Fundamentalists that the Americans have.  My husband is essentially a lapsed Catholic, and I’m me: mostly Wiccan, and maybe a little bit Agnostic.

Anyway, this weekend I asked my family if they believed in the literal divinity of Jesus.  An interesting question I think, because it is one of the underlying principals of the Christian faith, yet it wasn’t something that the earliest Christians believed, apparently.  The answers I got ranged from “Yes, he is” to “No, but he was probably a pretty interesting teacher and political figure.”  I wasn’t really surprised by the answers, but I was surprised by who answered what.

With the lead up to Easter, I had been questioning my leaving of Christianity a little bit.  I mean, when seems like the whole world is getting ready to celebrate something, you can’t help but wonder if you might be missing out.  One of the things I was thinking about was the divinity of Jesus.  But I came to the conclusion that if you can’t believe in some (or in my case almost all) of the fundamental truths of a religion, then you can’t honestly be a part of it.  The answers I got this weekend more or less confirmed that conclusion.  They also made me very happy to be part of a family that is open-minded (most of the time), and thinks at least a little bit about what they believe and how it fits with what they live.