A Fairy and Some Thoughts on Crafting

It is time for a happy dance!  Over the weekend (yes, I am behind on my posting, why do you ask?) I put the final beads on Letters from Nora – H, also known as the H fairy and Heather.  She has turned out so beautifully thanks to the help of my nsLNS owner’s advice when it came to changing so many of the colours.

Letters from Nora - H

Letters from Nora – H by Nora Corbett
Fibres: Crescent Colours and DMC
Beads: Mill Hill
Fabric: 28ct Silkweaver Solo

If you are interested in the changes I’ve made, you can find out more here.  I’m curious though, does anyone have an suggestions for the grapey-purple beads I used for the flowers?  You can see them better below.


The sock knitting goes well, although I am beginning to think that I have angered some knitting god who is in charge of colour changes.  Behold the Super Simple Short Socks by Meghan Holcomb, knit using Yarn’s Plus 3/5 Hand-Painted Tencel in colourway English Garden.

Super Simple Short Socks

See how it started out with the green, blue and two shades of purple moving along nicely.  Now all the green and blue is on the sole and the two shades of purple are along the top of the foot (which you can’t see in this  picture).  It is a lovely colourway though.  It is sort of along the lines of Gloriana’s Victorian Garden silk, but without the yellow.  (I got some of the Gloriana in the mail the other day, which is why that comparison comes to mind.  What will I stitch with it?  I don’t remember what I bought it for… maybe Chatelaine’s Japanese Box?)  I’m glad this has no yellow in it though, since that is one of my least favourite colours.  And with the way the knitting gods are treating me, I probably would have ended up with a yellow stripe right down the top of the foot!

I’m also ploughing my way through a pile of dishcloths.  (Shhh!  That’s one of the secret gifts.  I don’t think the person who is getting them reads my blog, though.  And if she does, just pretend to be surprised and know that they take a lot longer than you would think to knit, especially when you have a toddler “helping” you.)  I’ll have pictures of them to share in a few weeks.

To close things off today, I thought I would muse a little bit about what crafting means to me as a Pagan.  I mean, this is/was a Pagan blog, even though I’m writing a lot more about my cross stitch and knitting.  So, here’s what I think: I don’t generally do Pagan-y designs.  (Although, I love, love, love Joan Elliott’s Wheel of the Year design in her latest book.)  I don’t see crafting as part of my Pagan identity.  Cross stitch and knitting are part of who I am, just like being a Wiccan is.  They are often a form of meditation, especially now that I am apt to fall asleep if I try to do a formal meditation.

I think for anyone who is part of any religion the things they do that they love, be it knitting, cooking, housework, or what-have-you, in some ways become part of their faith.  You may think on the Bible while you stitch while I meditate on the changing of the seasons and someone else puts down their needle for a few moments to say their daily prayers to Allah.  And even though we may believe different things, we can all relate to one another through our love of family and our hobbies.

And finally, a reminder that I am holding a draw.  Leave a comment on this post before midnight Sunday to be entered to win some Enchanting Lair charts, Dinky Dyes silk and a one card Tarot reading.

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  1. Autumn says:

    Your H looks lovely. I’d leave the beads as they are. They blend nicely.