Money Bags

I’m pretty sure that dreaming about winning or inheriting large sums of money is something that people all over the world indulge in. Sure, we all know that to be happy with life we must first be happy with what we already have. But, honestly, isn’t it nice to daydream about being able to afford or do anything?
Gold Bars

The next prompt in You Can Do It! is: What would you do if you won the lottery, and money were no object? It is seems appropriate that I’ve come to this prompt on that day that the winners of the huge Mega Millions jackpot was announced. After taxes (something that doesn’t happen up here in Canada), they get about US$35 million each. That is a nice addition to anyone’s bank account.

So, if I won the lottery I would first invest a large enough portion of it in a manner that would provide me with a sizable yearly income to live off of. I would then purchase a large (but not huge) house near some body of water, with a pool and new furniture for myself and for my parents. (Separate houses. I’m not crazy.) I would also make sure I had enough money set aside for the little man’s schooling, and for unforeseen emergencies. Eventually, I would take one of the Grand Voyage cruises around the world, in the best cabin on the ship, of course. Lastly, I would sit in my tastefully decorated home office/craft room and write.

Hmm… I might also open a cross stitch and knitting store. One that specializes in non-wooly yarns for us allergic people.

I would also donate money to causes like anaphylaxis awareness, MS, and breast cancer. And, if I still had money left over, I would work at bettering my neighbourhood and city in many different ways (beautification, day care for working parents, health care, etc.).

Lovely dreams, all of it. Some of it is within my reach, even without winning the lottery, if I am willing to work for it.