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Blessed Samhain

May your Samhain be full of family and friends, those here and those that have passed over. May you find solace in their presence, and may you find comfort in with the Lord and Lady. I also wish fun, tricks, and treats for you on this day of joy and sadness.

Spirit Free of Religion

The Seeker’s Guide by Elizabeth Lesser is one of the myriad of books that I am currently reading.  I read it several years ago when I lived in a different city and was a different person.  Now that I am married and have a young child, I’m finding that other parts of the book make […]

Loss of Faith

Over the years that I have been aware of the greater Pagan community, I have seen some relatively well known spokespeople step away from Paganism and declare that their beliefs now lie in another direction.  Some do this vocally, and insult Paganism on their way out the door, others do it quietly, making us wonder […]

The Lord and Lady

**I’ve edited this entry to remove potentially controversial content, because if my husband didn’t understand what I was trying to say, then I suspect no one will. It is better to take out anything that tempts people to read into it something I don’t mean.** I recently received an email from a teen who occasionally […]

Tattoos and Death Clock

Some fun and interesting Pagan news – a woman with a blue crescent moon tattooed on her forehead finds it difficult to get a job. (The full story can be read inthe Elmira Star-Gazette.) Personally, I’m not surprised! Now, putting aside the fact that facial tattoos just aren’t a great idea (case in point a […]

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Ancestral Spirituality?

Wicca is generally viewed as a Celtic-inspired faith. The names most Wiccans use for the Sabbats come from Celtic culture, as to some of the most common names used for the Lord and Lady. In actuality, Wicca has very little in common with the religious practices of the Celtic people. But this doesn’t stop people […]

Living Biblically

Generally speaking, I am fascinated by people who choose to follow their religion in a very fundamentalist way. That’s not to say that I agree with them, but I am always curious as to why they choose to follow the rules, often ancient and unsuited to the modern world, so closely. A. J. Jacobs, an […]

Commercializing Wicca

This afternoon I spent some time looking around on eBay at items listed using the keyword “Wicca”. There was the usual assortment of stones, jewelery, herbs and candles. There were also some handmade Books of Shadows, and quite a few pages for them available, something that I feel isn’t quite right, but not offensive. (I’m […]

V.A. Victory for Wiccans

American Wiccans realized a rather large victory yesterday, over a very small symbol. Wiccan soldiers can now have the pentacle on their headstones, thanks to a settlement reached with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (Read more at CNN.) The “Available Emblems of Belief for Placement on Government Headstones and Markers” page on the Veterans […]

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WitchSchool for Sale

I’m not a big fan of Witch School. And their stock with me fell even further this morning when I found out about this: World’s Largest Witch School for Sale. That’s right, Witch School is for sale to the highest bidder, be it responsible pagans or a Christian evangelical group. And the winner gets […]