0 – The Fool

0 - The Fool
The Spirit of the Aether
Card Number: 0
Path Number: 11
Rulership: Air, Uranus
Hebrew Letter: Aleph (Ox)
Mythology: Zeus/Jupiter

Typical Symbols

youth dressed in colourful motley, wearing/carrying a pack, cliff, dog/wolf, white rose


This is the start of the Fool’s journey through the Major Arcana, but it is also the end of his journey. He starts here as an inexperienced youth, and returns here again to be joyful and free once the journey is complete. He carries a pack that contains everything needed for the journey – the four tools of the suits.  He dances along, seemingly without a care. He is unaware of the step s/he is about to take off the cliff. His dog follows along, either to encourage or to protect.


Robin Wood Tarot The Fool in this card appears to be female to me. She is playing a flute (wand?) and carries her pack on her back. Butterflies fly around her (immortality, freedom), and her dog follows at her side (helper, man’s  domestication of nature). She is either standing at the end of the cliff or is about to take a step off. The dog appears to be barking at her – a warning? Grass and snow covered mountains are in the background  wisdom, understanding). A garland of white roses is around her head (spiritual desire).
Universal Waite This card is similar to the Robin Wood tarot (and the pictured Rider Waite card), but this Fool appears to be male. He carries his pack on the end of a Wand. All the mountains in the distance are snow-covered, and the sun shines brightly above (energy). The white rose in his hand represents his freedom from desire (spiritual desire, freedom from “mundane” desire?).
Hanson-Roberts A blond youth wearing red (desire) carries a pack slung over his back on a staff (Wand). He appears to be walking along a cliff edge. He is carrying a white rose (spiritual desire).

My Thoughts

This card seems to me to speak of innocence, but there is some planning for the coming journey, evidenced by the pack and the dog as a companion. The Fool’s hair is blond in the Robin Wood Tarot, indicating his message is open and revealed. The flying ribbons and clothing indicate energy and movement in this card. The mountains behind him are all the places we can journey to.

Upright Meaning

A new beginning, full of possibilities. Leaping into the unknown, looking for new knowledge pr experiences. You have what you need for your journey (the Fool’s pack), but you need to learn how to use it. Lightheartedness, innocence, purity of heart. This beginning will involve movement. A lack of discipline at the start.


Poor judgement on indecision. Carelessness, vanity. A lack of control. The new beginning may be thwarted by a faulty or ill-informed choice, or by hesitation.

Questions to Answer

What new direction do you want to take? Where are you going?
What is your path? When are you the fool?


The path before me is open and ready for me to explore.