2 – The High Priestess

2 - The High Priestess

The Priestess of the Silver Star
Card Number: 2
Path Number: 13
Rulership: Moon
Hebrew Letter: Gimel (Camel)
Mythology: Artemis, Hecate, all moon goddess

Typical Symbols

black pillar (Boaz), white pillar (Jachin), scroll or book, solar cross, pomegranate (female), palms (male), moon (crescent and full)


The Fool next the encounters a beautiful and mysterious High Priestess. He see she is very different from the Magician he has just left. She is quiet, motionless, and in the moonlight. She can teach him how to bring the hidden and subconscious forward through the use of sacred writings and teachings. The Fool is eger to learn, and to discover what is beyond the pillars, hidden by her veil.


Robin Wood Tarot An obviously Wiccan High Priestess is wearing a crescent moon crown (Goddess energy to balance the Magician’s God energy). She holds a crystal ball in her right hand (the future, the unknown) and a book in her left hand (knowledge). Behind her is a black tree and a white tree, representing the traditional pillars of Boaz and Jachin. A full moon fills the sky above her. Her hair is dark, telling us that her knowledge is hidden.
Universal Waite A priestess in blue and white robes sits between two pillars – black Boaz and white Jachin. Between them is a veil decorated with pomegranates and plums. On her head she wears the Isis crown, and a crescent moon rests by her feet. In he hands she holds a scroll labelled TORA.
Hanson-Roberts A priestess, in yellow, red and blue robes with a high collar, sits before two pillars – one white and the other black. Between them is a veil decorated with pomegranates and palms. She wears an Isis crown, and a crescent moon sits in the corner of the card. We only see her from the shoulders up, but we can still see she is holding the TORA scroll.

My Thoughts

To me, the High Priestess gives knowledge (the scroll) and hides it (the veil). I see her as someone who knows both good and bad, positive and negative, life and death. She will teach you, if only you will listen.

The High Priestess is connected to the Goddess, as shown by her crown and moon. Along with the Magician, we a representation of both the male divinity and the female divinity.

Upright Meaning

Wisdom and good judgement. The knowledge that you need will be shown to you, but you must look for it. A need to retreat, to pay attention to your body and its natural cycles. The influence of women.


Problems resulting from a lack of foresight or sense. Bad judgement. Difficulty understanding or relating to women. Conceit. Acceptance of superficial knowledge.

Questions to Answer

What is the knowledge you are seeking? How is it being concealed from you. Are you listening to all your senses? How aware are you of your self and nature?


I am in possession of the wisdom I need.