4 – The Emperor

4 - The Emperor

Son of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty
Card Number: 4
Path Number: 15
Rulership: Aries
Hebrew Letter: Heh (window)
Mythology: Athena/Minerva, Mentu, Tyr, Mars

Typical Symbols

throne, ram heads, ankh, mountains, orb


The Fool next encounters the Emperor on his Journey. He sits solidly upon his throne amidst mountains. He invites the Fool to learn the secrets of rulership.

“Come,” he says. “I can teach you the skills you need to rule. You must have a strong will, boy. Move beyond your dreamy ways, become alert and aggressive.”


Robin Wood Tarot The Emperor sits in a solid throne decorated with eagles (power) and ram heads (leadership). He is dressed in a regal purple robe, and holds an ankh sceptre (life, masculine and feminine). He rests his feet on a globe (dominion). Behind him are bare mountains.
Universal Waite The Emperor sits in his throne, which is decorated with ram heads. In one hand he holds the ankh sceptre, and in the other the orb. Behind him are bare mountains. He wears a red robe.
Hanson-Roberts The Emperor, dressed in red and blue, sits upon his throne. Again, it is decorated with ram heads. He holds the ankh and orb. Behind him are bare mountains.

My Thoughts

The Emperor card speaks to me of authority and strength. He is in control of all aspects of his life. He is brave and aggressive, but he is tempered by the Empress’s mercy.

Upright Meaning

A stable, authoritative, powerful leader. Leadership or self-control acquired through experience. The fruits of toil, the results of action.


Dislike of authority (governmental, parental, corporate, etc.). A loss of control. Weakness of character, failure to control petty emotions.

Questions to Answer

How are you using your power and authority? Who has power and authority over you? What is your ambition?


I have the ability and discipline needed to achieve my goals.