5 – The Heirophant

5 - The Heirophant

The Magus of the Eternal
Card Number: 5
Path Number: 16
Rulership: Taurus
Hebrew Letter: Vau (nail)
Mythology: Bacchus/Dionysius, Parsival, Apis

Typical Symbols

two pillars, two keys, two acolytes, hand raised in blessing, crown, sceptre


The Fool was pleased with how his journey was progressing. He had learned so much, but he knew he still had much more to learn. The next figure he came upon was the Hierophant. The Fool was impressed by the imposing figure.

“Ah, young man, come here. I have much to teach you,” the Hierophant said in a commanding voice. “You have learned about nature and how to rule, but you must learn to hear your inner voice. You must link above and below, religion and man, and this will allow you to succeed.”


Robin Wood Tarot A stern Hierophant raises his hand in blessing over the heads of two kneeling acolytes. He wears a robe decorated with the roses of desire and lilies of thought. Two pillars are behind him, one decorated with a female head and the other with a male head. He holds a three-tiered sceptre, representing spirit, soul and body.
Universal Waite A Hierophant in a red rode sits on his throne above two acolytes. One wears a rose decorated robe (desire) and the other wears a lily decorated robe (thought). The Hierophant has his hand raised in a blessing. He wears the triple crown of the material, formative and creative worlds. His sceptre represents spirit, soul and body. The twin pillars behind him represent law and the ability to obey or disobey.
Hanson-Roberts The Hierophant appears to be in a balcony above two kneeling acolytes. He has his hand raised in a blessing. He wears a three-tiered crown, and holds the three-tiered sceptre. Behind him are two pillars.

My Thoughts

Even though this is the card of my Sun sign, I have trouble relating to it. I always find the figure to harsh. The only exception is the High Priest card from the Ellen Cannon Reed’s Witches Tarot, were the figure is a Wiccan High Priest. But the Hierophant is a strong-willed man, concerned with morals, manners and religion, which I can certainly relate to. He also strives to bring the divine to earth, through religion and spiritual practises.

Upright Meaning

Learning rules, morals, and principles. Teaching others what you know. Spiritual matters, religion or religious figures. Depending on other cards, can represent outdated traditions or ideas.


Going against mores and norms of society for no reason. Unorthodox behavour. Distortion of the truth.

Questions to Answer

What traditions do you follow? Which are you rebelling against, and why? How does religion or spirituality influence your life?


I commit myself to following the path my higher self directs me to.