Do Wiccans pray? In one word, yes. Although if you were to ask a Wiccan if they pray, they would most likely say no. This is because, in general, Wiccans do not use the word “pray.” When hearing the word pray, many people think of formal prayer, such as the Christian Lord’s Prayer or Buddhist prayer, for example.

Prayer is any private conversation with your deity. Some people, Wiccans included, converse with their deities daily, almost as if They were a friend. Other people only speak to their deities when they want to bargain for something, and others still don’t talk to them at all. I try (and the keyword is try) to use this informal type of prayer everyday. I try to include it in my morning tarot card draw, and sometimes at night when I see the moon, or when the mood strikes me. My prayers are always quiet, always within my mind directed to the Lord and Lady.

Wiccans also use invocations and evocations as a sort of prayer. Invocations are chants and poems used to appeal to or praise the Lord and Lady, or a specific deity. Sometimes they are improvised, and sometimes pre-written invocations are used. An invocation to the Lord and Lady is usually spoken at the start of a ritual. An evocation is a usually used to call up power from other sources, such as spirits or from the universe in general. Evocations are most often found in spells, or as part of the casting of the circle for a ritual.

When it comes to really serious prayer, a good old heart to heart with your deity as it were, I think some things should be remembered. Put some forethought into your prayer, think about what you want to say. And clear visualisation is also helpful. Imagine what you are asking for is actually coming true. Imagine yourself actually face to face with your deity. In this way a prayer is a lot like a spell. They work better if you are really serious about it. This doesn’t mean your prayer can’t be lighthearted. Make your personality shine through! I also feel that a formal circle casting isn’t necessary. While it does aid in concentration and help to reinforce your intent, it sort of takes away the informal nature and spontaneity of prayer. In my opinion, circle casting is best left of rituals and spells.