When I was younger I loved water. I swam like a fish, as they say. Things happened, and now I have a healthy respect for water. I am aware of all the good things it can do, like clean, and all the bad, like destroy. I am also saddened that there are many places where the water is not safe to drink, not even the water from your kitchen tap. And the fact that Canada exports a large amount of water is almost baffling to me.

Physical State: Liquid

Direction: West

Colours: blue, purple

Tools: goblet/chalice

Tarot Suit: Cups (Hearts)

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Season: Fall

Time of Day: dusk

Stage of Life: elderhood

Energy: intuition, wisdom

Areas of Life: healing, protection

Other, more personal correspondences can include goddesses, gods, animals, etc.

Symbols: Water Symbol Water Symbol Water Symbol

Water Invoking Pentagram
Invoking Pentagram
Water Devoking Pentagram
Devoking Pentagram