Minor Arcana Key Ideas

While each suit of the Minor Arcana may deal with different aspects of life (see Correspondences), each card, regardless of suit, presents a specific idea. If you are using a deck based on the RWS, pull out all of the sixes or tens, for example, and you will see that they share certain characteristics. Below is a list showing the key ideas of the Minor Arcana cards.

Aces new beginnings, raw energy, intuition, fresh ideas, new growth
Twos balance, duality, manifestation, relationship between two people/events/objects
Threes growth, creation, perspective, exploration of ideas/energy
Fours stability, material world, logic, order, foundation
Fives struggle, strife, balance upset, challenge, disappointment
Sixes peace, balance re-established, values, equilibrium
Sevens fate, choice, intuition, decision making
Eights power, success, control
Nines attainment, mastery, control, wisdom
Tens perfection, end of cycle, rebirth, finish