My Beliefs

Here I’ve detailed some of my personal beliefs. These are things that I believe, and they are things that fit within the framework of Wicca. As you study and begin to put things together for yourself, it is a good exercise to write out your own beliefs. A good place for it would be near the beginning of your Book of Shadows (or Book of Light, if you prefer that name).

The universe is as science is determining it is, yet has been guided by the Lord and Lady. They decided to begin the creation of our universe, jump starting the Big Bang. From there They allowed the universe to develop as it would, guiding when necessary.

As for the Lord and Lady Themselves, They are two halves of the same Whole. The female side of the One archetype contains all female archetypes, which the Lady embodies. The faces She shows us are all the goddess of the world. The male side of the One contains all male archetypes, which the Lord embodies. The Lord shows His faces through all the gods of the world. This does not mean that all gods are one god and all goddess are one goddess. Far from it. Rather, each individual goddess represents certain faucets of the total female archetype, which I choose to call the Lady, and the same is true of each god being certain faucets of the total male archetype, which I call the Lord.

  • The Lord and Lady are central to Wicca, with neither worshipped above the other.
  • They may choose to show me one face and you another, but neither of us are wrong.
  • Human souls reincarnate, learning lessons with each life. Between lives we may rest in the Summerlands, watching over our friends and family. Some of us may choose not to reincarnate for a long time in order to guide others.
  • Protecting and preserving the Earth is very important, because it is the body of our Goddess. Do what you can to help, be it walking, gardening or recycling.
  • Magic is possible when we have the discipline to control our own Will.
  • All our actions are returned to us.
  • Wiccans are not evangelical. We have no need to “spread the world,” but we are happy to answer serious questions about our faith.
  • Wiccans recognise that there are many paths and faiths, and that each are equally correct for different people.
  • Wicca is a religion, not a political organization or activist group. Wiccans may be involved in such activities, but this is not required. Being Wiccan should never be used as a justification, unless it is for a religious issue.
  • Wicca is a spiritual path, requiring a good deal of study and introspection. We never stop learning about ourselves and our world.
  • Nature and all beings, including myself, are sacred. When I treat myself poorly, I am treating the divine and everything else poorly.
  • Humans are part of nature, not masters over it.
  • We are all responsible for our own actions.

I also feel that casting spells and practising magic isn’t a required part of being Wiccan. This is especially true if you believe spells are the best way to get ahead. Hard work is what is required to pass your tests or get a new job, not a fancy new spell.

And speaking of magic, I’m really not sure if I prefer the spelling “magic” or “magick.” There are valid arguments for both. I do know that any other strange spelling, like “majic,” just isn’t right to me. And it is always magician, never magickian.