7 – The Chariot

7 - The Chariot

The Child of the Powers of Water; The Lord of the Triumph of Light
Card Number: 7
Path Number: 18
Rulership: Cancer
Hebrew Letter: Cheth (fenced field)
Mythology: Hermod, Mercury/Apollo

Typical Symbols

chariot, rider, black and white sphinxes/horses/lions, canopy of stars, winged shield


The Fool’s journey has stagnated. He feels that he is nearly ready to bring his creation into being, but he no longer is moving forward. When he comes upon a dignified man in a chariot, he hopes he will find the answers he needs.

“To move forward, you must bring together and balance both sides of a situation. If you let things get away from you, you will be unable to move. Always keep your goal in mind.”


Robin Wood Tarot A blond man stands in his chariot playing a harp. He appears to be singing. Above him is a canopy of stars (celestial influence). The wings of inspiration rest above a yin-yang on the front of the chariot. He is pulled by one black unicorn and one white unicorn.
Universal Waite A warrior stands in a chariot with a canopy of stars above him. The wings of inspiration and the Hindu symbol for the union of positive negative are on the front of the chariot. The man holds a wand to direct a black and a white sphinx, who are resting before the chariot. On the man’s shoulders are lunar crescents.
Hanson-Roberts A warrior rides in a chariot with a canopy of stars above it. A ying-yang is on the front of the chariot. He appears to be pulled by a black and a white sphinx, which he directs with his wand.

My Thoughts

To me, the Chariot is about pulling together and controlling forces in your life. As the Fool, you must make use of all the lessons you have learned so far to make your Chariot to move, to modify your situation. The rider of the Chariot is confident and acknowledges the spiritual, shown by the canopy of stars.

Upright Meaning

Self-control, self-confidence, will power. Control over the forces of nature. Success as a result of action, not just luck. Travel.


Defeat, failure, imbalance. Self-limitation. An unethical victory.

Questions to Answer

What victories have you experienced lately? What goals are you working towards? What forces are you balancing?


I have the ability to focus and control my situation.