Full Moons

Each full moon of the year has a name (actually, many names based on different traditions), as well as a specific energy that makes it suitable for different types of work. Below is a list detailing some of the full moon names and their energies.

Each year (in general) has one Blue Moon. This occurs when one month has two full moons. The first full moon of the month would be the regular full moon as listed above. The second full moon is the Blue Moon, which is suitable for setting long-term goals, prophesying, divination, and past-life regression.

January Wolf Moon, Chaste Moon, Cold Moon
– beginnings, conception, protection spells, working on personal goals and issues
February Ice Moon, Storm Moon, Wild Moon
– growth and future plans, purification, cleansing, healing, self-love and acceptance
March Seed Moon, Plough Moon, Crow Moon
– balance, growth, exploration, cultivation, prosperity
April Hare Moon, Pink Moon, Planting Moon
– creativity, manifestation, self-confidence, acting on opportunity, love magic
May Merry Moon, Flower Moon, Dyad Moon
– intuition, fairies lore, “green” magic, connecting with nature spirits
June Mead Moon, Honey Moon, Lovers Moon
– protection, making decisions, personal strength, fertility
July Hay Moon, Thunder Moon, Blessing Moon
– divination, dreams, focusing on goals, expanding spiritual consciousness
August Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Wyrt Moon
– health and vitality, family, friends, gathering
September Harvest Moon, Wine Moon, Singing Moon
– completion, organization, balance, letting go of worn-out things, ideas or emotions
October Blood Moon, Falling Leaf Moon, Moon of Changing Seasons
– transition, release, inner peace, past lives, karmic completion
November Snow Moon, Mourning Moon, Moon of Storms
– going inward, rest and preparation, transformation, spiritual communication
December Oak Moon, Long Night’s Moon, Winter Moon
– acknowledging death and rebirth, darkness, your spiritual journey