Tarot Cafe Vol. 2

Tarot Cafe - vol 2 by Sang-Sun Park

Tarot Cafe – Volume 2 provides some tantalizing hints about Pamela’s past. We are also introduced to a new regular character, and find out what happened to the heartless princess.

The episodes in this volume are:

  1. A Heartless Princess, an Alchemist and a Jester (Part 2)
  2. The Werewolf Boy
  3. The Witch Hunt

Synopsis of A Heartless Princess, an Alchemist and a Jester (Part 2)

As this episode begins, the Alchemist is still recounting his tale to Pamela–the Jester has been repaired, only to be abused by the Princess again. This time, the damage is incredible; the princess has severed the Jester’s leg. The Alchemist is very sad, and repairs the Jester again.

Pamela continues her reading, drawing the Devil card. She tells that Alchemist that he must unlock the shackles that are binding him, and to do what his heart tells him.

Back at his lab, the Alchemist has a violent confrontation with the Princess over the now repaired Jester. The Jester begs for his life and enrages the Princess further. As the struggle intensifies, the Princess loses hold of the Jester and finds herself well punished for her actions.

A few months later, Pamela receives a picture from the Alchemist and the Jester, showing that they are happy together in their new life.

Synopsis of The Werewolf Boy

Pamela and Belus are relaxing in the closed Cafe when a large werewolf breaks in and begins to attack. Belus uses excessive force to stop the monster, angering Pamela. As they are arguing, the werewolf transforms into an injured boy. Pamela takes pity on him, putting him to rest in another room. Once he wakes up, he introduces himself as Aaron Gawain and tells Pamela that he was searching for her.

As Pamela begins the reading, she tells him that he was abandoned by a family member. With this prompting, Aaron tells how his drunken father sold him to a mysterious man. The man, Nebiros, takes Aaron to his castle, where the two live together, surrounded by werewolf women and a black angry. One night, Aaron discovers Nebiros wracked with pain. Nebiros reveals that he has been cursed by God, and asks Aaron never to leave him. Aaron honours his promise until his is tempted to run away by a young woman.

Aaron’s attempt at freedom ends quickly when he is attacked. Nebiros comes to his rescue, but abandons Aaron in anger. Aaron, in desperation, searches everywhere for Nebiros’ castle, which has disappeared. He has come to Pamela hoping she can help him find it. Pamela offers Aaron a place at the cafe, much to the annoyance of Belus.

Synopsis of The Witch Hunt

When a motorcycle crashes in front of the Cafe, Pamela finds herself meeting a face from her past. She gives him a reading, trying to determine if this Ash is really the Ash she knew years ago. He leaves, seeming to have no idea who Pamela is.

Later that day, Pamela runs into Ash again, and rescues him from cult members that appear to be pursuing him. Pamela then flashes back to her early childhood in Scotland, 700 years earlier. We learn the fate of Pamela’s mother, and what happened to Pamela as a result.

Back in the present day, Pamela and Ash are kidnapped by a group calling themselves Albigensian Crusaders1. The cultists claim that both Ashe and Pamela are witches, and they intend to exterminate them. Pamela attacks, attempting to free Ashe. Belus soon arrives, and the two make short work of the Albigensians.

Back at the Cafe, Pamela and Belus discuss what has happened, and wonder who Ashe really is.

Tarot decks used in this volume

  • Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini – this is the deck used by Pamela in her readings, also on pg. 34
  • Secret Tarot by Marco Nizzoli (published by Los Scarabeo) – pg. 11
  • Halloween Tarot by Kipling West (published by U.S. Games Systems) – pgs. 35, 83 (incorrectly labelled as Tarot of the Wolves on pg. 35)
  • Tarot of the Witches by Fergus Hall (published by U.S. Games System) – pgs. 107, 131, 155 (incorrected labelled as Tarot of the Wolves on pgs. 107 and 131)
  • Visconti Tarot2 (published by Llewellyn Publications) – pg. 134


1. These Albrigensians Crusaders are nothing like the historical Albrigensians. The historical group, also known as Cathars, were a Christan sect who believed that all humans carried within themselves a spark of the divine. They were exterminated by the Catholic Church, with the last known Cathar executed in 1321. Read more at Wikipedia: Catharism

2. Pamela’s mother is shown using the Visconti Tarot deck in 13th century Scotland. However, the Visconti-Sfroza deck wasn’t created until sometime in the 15th century. At that time, the cards Pamela’s mother is using were one of a kind, and not available to anyone of the lower classes. You can learn more here: Tarot History – The Visconti-Sfroza Tarot Deck