Why Create Another Wiccan Website

I have an itch to write. There are words inside me that want desperately to get out. When I put pen to paper, or sit at the keyboard, I feel a sort of peace in my soul. I may fight to find the right words, agonize over the appropriate tone, and loathe to edit, but the process overall is so rewarding. This feeling of peace comes whether I keep my writing private or make it public. This website is obviously a public work. And by choosing to make it public, I have encouraged myself to work hard at organizing and presenting my ideas in a well thought out way. My private notes are often confused, full of conflicting information, and poorly written. So, this is partly an exercise in sorting my thoughts.

As for why I chose to write about Wicca, well, I am Wiccan. I have been Wiccan for well over a decade, dedicating myself after researching many religions. Much of my study of Wicca, both before and after my dedication, has come through reading books and self discovery. Over the years I’ve absorbed a great deal of information, much of which is contradictory or even outright incorrect. Some authors do an excellent job making the untrue or hateful sound true and good, unintentionally or not. I am not claiming that Wiccan and Pagan authors are the only one’s guilty of this practice, not by any means; but they are the only ones relevant here.

In the past few years, I have finally started to question some of what I have learned. This new focus on questioning, and the resulting research, came about for many reasons. It is partly because of my exposure to Critical Thinking in university and to debates and critiques on the Internet, as well as my desire to figure out exactly what I believe.

This website, to finally get to the point, is a collection of notes, essays, book reviews, and other miscellanea that reflect this process of discovery. It is important to remember these are my ideas and beliefs. Because of this, not everything will be historically correctly, or true for all Wiccans, or even true for anyone but myself. I’ve done my best to synthesize my notes into something useful to others. I am placing this personal journey on the Internet in hopes that someone might read it and be encouraged to further explore their own beliefs. If you don’t agree with me, that’s wonderful! I just hope that I have made you think.

You might be thinking that there are already a lot of Wiccan sites on the web, and that mine is not necessary. You might be right, but of course I disagree. In general, I see five types of Wiccan websites.

  1. Information Nexus
    • sites that act as a gateway or newspaper, and provide a great deal of information about many different traditions and Pagan paths
    • examples include The Witches Voice, The Cauldron
  2. Fluffy Bunny Sites
    • generally created by new Wiccans or pseudo-Wiccans
    • very light on good information, often very heavy on “spells”, and portray Wicca as a religion of only sweetness and light
  3. Rant Sites
    • contain articles bashing bunnies or fanning Witch Wars
    • some examples also include many good articles about Wicca amongst the rants, and the rants often very educational
    • examples include Why Wiccans Suck – the original site is now down, so I have linked to it through the Wayback Machine
  4. Coven/Personal Sites
    • a homepage for a specific coven, tradition, or practitioner
    • usually contains basic Wiccan information, as well as some tradition specific articles
    • some include elements of either Fluffy Bunny or Rant sites
    • good examples include Coven of the Far Flung Net, Wiccan Church of Canada
  5. Wicca 101 Sites
    • provide basic information about Wicca, usually without any history or philosophy

What seems to be lacking, in my opinion, are sites that focus on a Wiccan’s personal journey, thoughts and philosophy. While my site falls mostly into the fourth and fifth categories right now, I plan to include essays on more personal topics. I hope my site, and the few others in the same vein, will encourage others to explore these issues as well.