1 – The Magician

1 - The Magician

The Magus of Power
Card Number: 1
Path Number: 12
Rulership: Mercury
Hebrew Letter: Beth (House)
Mythology: Hermes/Mercury, Thoth, Odin

Typical Symbols

white and red robe, four elemental tools, lemniscate, roses and lilies, table/altar


As the Fool begins his journey, he encounters a dark-haired figured standing near a table. The man invites the Fool closer.

“I am the Magician,” he says. “I, and the others you will encounter, can teach you much if only you let us.”

The Fool comes closer still and offers the Magician his pack. The Magician opens the pack removes the four tools of the elements that were inside – Wands on intuition, Cups of emotion, Swords of thought, and Pentacles of sensation.

“These tools, along with the powers of your mind, are all you will need for your journey. Use them well, my boy!” says the Magician before sending the Fool on his way.


Robin Wood Tarot The dark-haired Magician wears a deer-head crown with antlers, symbolizing God energy. His dark hair means his message is knowledge is hidden, so we must learn what how to use his power. His red and white robe with the rose and lily trim represent desire and pure thought, forces that we all must seek to control. On the table before him rest the four elemental tools, with the sword and wand crossed. Behind him are large black and white candles, similar to the black and white pillars found on the High Priestess card. They represent the positive and negative life forces. He holds a lemniscate in his right hand.
Universal Waite A man in red and white robes stands behind a table holding the elemental tools. In his right hand he holds a wand pointing upwards (towards spirit/universe), and his left hand is pointed downwards – As above, so below. A lemniscate floats above his head, and a snake devouring its tail is around his waist. Red roses are above him (desire) and rose and lilies are below the table (thought without desire).
Hanson-Roberts A magician in blue and red stands before a table holding the four elemental tools. Above his head is a lemniscate, and a snake devouring its tale is around his waist. His arms are in the same positions as the magician in the Universal Waite deck => all creation on earth is derived from above. He is surrounded by red roses (desire) and white lilies (thought).

My Thoughts

Especially in the Robin Wood deck, this card seems to speak to me of quiet power, a kind and knowledgeable teacher. It speaks to me of the desire and ability to learn. It is the coming together of the desire
and the means; the unseen is beginning to become known.

Upright Meaning

Taking your skills and making things happen. An ability to recognize and utilize your potential. Skill, craftsmanship, creativity, communication. Finding the right teacher to help you build your skills.


An inability to use your talents to the best effect, or using them for destructive ends. Unskilled, clumsy, insecure.

Questions to Answer

Where are your abilities focused? Are you using them to make things happen, or are you to insecure? How are you communicating? What can you learn from the Magician?


I am capable of bringing my will into being.