CUEW’s 15 Creeds

  1. Do freely that which does no harm. (That which may harm is done when unavoidable.)
  2. You can only know one person, and that is yourself. (And learning to know yourself is the most important lesson there is.)
  3. There is only one thing worth chasing–Your true will. (Everything else is provided for you if you but look.)
  4. There is no learning where there is no dissent. (For only by finding that which we disagree with do we know what we agree with.)
  5. No one is your superior and no one is your inferior. (But you are held to a higher standard then those who do not know their will.)
  6. Education is more valuable than money or magick. (Better you should become educated and decide to change your faith than always follow without reason.)
  7. The ability to express yourself clearly is the finest ability. (The Magus’ word is law, that law must be clear.)
  8. Better you should die than charge others for your knowledge of the Craft and the Law. (Professional teachers are not the same as philosophers. Philosophers teach for love alone.)
  9. Honour the ancestors with Truth. (The Ancestors will not be called that they did not call themselves.)
  10. Skin color, gender preference, gender and religion are unimportant. (Only Behaviour matters.)
  11. Better to be called a bad person than speak falsehood. (Truth is preferable to policy… at all costs.)
  12. A contemplative life is the only life spent wisely. (Better to die a smart pauper than a dumb millionaire.)
  13. Find what you are at all costs. (Do not deny your family or your calling. Honour your ancestral obligations.)
  14. Do not make yourself a burden to those who would not carry you gladly, and then never without good cause. (In a nation of helpers, those who need help come first.)
  15. Revisionism in faith is the first evil. Those who fall into its trap never escape. (Cite sources, ask questions, do not repeat “what is said.”)

From the CUEW Clergy Handbook