6 – The Lovers

6 - The Lovers

The Children of the Voice; The Oracle of the Mighty Gods
Card Number: 6
Path Number: 17
Rulership: Gemini
Hebrew Letter: Zain (sword or weapon)
Mythology: Castor and Pollux, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Horus and Harpocrates

Typical Symbols

angel, man and woman, tree


The Fool had begun to feel lonely on this journey. So far he had done well on his own, but he has begun to long for companionship. As he ponders these thoughts, he comes across a large tree. One half of the tree bares fruit, while the other half has only leaves. Before the tree is a woman – the perfect companion for the Fool. Without a word, he knows she is the one. Together, they continue the journey onwards, with the Fool carrying her in his heart.


Robin Wood Tarot A woman with dark hair stands to the left, with a moon floating above her hand. A blond-haried man stands on the right, with a sun above his hand. The two figures balance each other. Above them is a glowing light, a spirit. The tree behind the figure bears fruit on the woman’s side, and leaves alone on the man’s side.
Universal Waite A large angel looks down on a man and woman. Behind the woman (Eve?) is a serpent entwined around an apple tree. Behind the man (Adam?) is a twelve-leafed tree (the Zodiac). In the middle of the two figures is a large mountain. The woman is looking at the angel, and the man is looking at the woman.
Hanson-Roberts A man and a woman cling together. The woman’s hair has red ribbons (desire) and white roses (purity) entwined in it. An angel looks down on the couple from above. A fruit bearing tree is behind the man.

My Thoughts

This card says to me that things are as they should be, or the choice you are going to make is right. The woman can represent your subconscious, and the man your conscious man. In this card the two come together, giving you the insight you need.

Upright Meaning

Choice, making a choice, using intuition and intellect together. Thinking about relationships. Harmony, trust, perfection, romance. A couple bonded together through trials.


Contradiction, duality. Unreliability, separation. Interference in relationship from outside.

Questions to Answer

What are the important relationships in your life? How do you bring your intuition and intellect together? What choice do you need to make?


I will treat all my relationships with importance and care.