A Solid Daily Card

I try to do a Tarot card reading for myself every morning. Generally I don’t get around to it. I’m either fighting to get quanta up and off to work, or I am getting ready to go out on an errand, or I get caught up in something else entirely. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I sat down to get August’s reading sheet ready. I’m only a week late, that’s not so bad.

Most months I focus on one specific deck for my readings, but this month I wanted to compare cards. I got out my new-old deck, the Witches Tarot, my Robin Wood Tarot, and my first deck, the Aquarian Tarot. I shuffled with the Witches Tarot, and the card I drew was the Price/Knight of Pentacles. Hmmm… a solid personality. Someone who is responsible, useful, and trustworthy. An interesting lesson for today. The cards from all three decks show a man who just seems solid, yet flexible. He is earthy, but not vulgar. I wonder if I am meant to be this person, or if there is another message here. Really, I haven’t been all that dependable or responsible lately. I’ve come down with a huge case of melancholy, and it is really starting to affect my daily life.

Interestingly enough, when I pulled a card from my Goddess Oracle, as kind of a guiding energy for the month, I got Shakti – Energy. Maybe this month I am meant to work on recharging my reserves.