Yesterday I mentioned that I am part of a few groups that I really enjoy. One of them is the Stat-Tarot group at Yahoo. It’s purpose is to have many people do a one card reading for a specific issue and then do an analysis of those readings to see if there is any correlation. It is an extremely low traffic list, and a really interesting project. The time commitment is very small, just long enough to do a one card Tarot reading and send in a report (in a specific format) detailing your reading.

If you are interested, keep reading to learn about the group in the words of its founder, Pablo.

Have you ever done a Tarot reading and wondered what would happen if you repeat it? or what if some other tarotist asks the same question in a similar reading? Will he or she get the same card? Will he or she reach the same conclusion as you did?

I have asked myself that questions many times. So I have been conducting a study to find out The objective is not to prove Tarot works (or not)… we all have our own answer to that question, but to ask how is it that it operates (or not). I believe that a short statistical analysis may help answer those questions. To this end, a small group of volunteers, coordinated by myself, have been doing one-card readings and testing the results. The study is in it’s initial phase, but even so the preliminar results are promising!

But we need more participants, so the results can be truly statistically analyzed. This an open invitation to all of you. The only requisites to join the group is to be able and willing to do a one card reading and interpretation every week, for at least three months, using a Rider-Waite deck or one of it’s derivatives.
All levels of expertiese are welcome, you do not need to be an uber-expert to join Also, all personal information is kept confidential.

The study is coordinated using a Yahoo! group specifically created for this purpose, so if you decide to join, I will add you to it. Needless to say, this is a 100% non commercial, purely for the joy of advancing knowledge idea.
To join, you need to send back to me at [email protected] the following form complete. It is important that you do not send the questionarie to this forum, bot to me v