Tarot Personality

Off and on, I’ve had an interest in various types of personality tests. I know my Myers-Briggs type and my enneagram type, ISFJ and 1 wing 9 respectively. I’ve also explored by Western and Eastern Zodiac signs in an attempt to learn more about myself. Sometimes I discover truths that I knew about all the time, and other times I discover hidden pieces of myself that I am forced to acknowledge.

I am always pleasantly surprised when two systems neatly intersect. Take, for example, Tarot and Myers-Briggs. Based on physical characteristics and my Zodiac sign, the Queen of Pentacles is the appropriate card to choose as my signifactor (when I chose to use one, that is). The Myers-Briggs designations for the Tarot Court cards support this choice nicely.

It nevers ceases to amaze me all the different systems that can be tied into the Tarot. There is so much out there to study that sometimes I feel a little overwhealemed. (That seems to be a common theme here at the Pond, eh?)

(Keep reading to see one possible set of Myers-Briggs assocations for the Tarot Court cards.)

King of Wands- ENTJ
Queen of Wands- INTJ
Knight of Wands- ENTP
Page of Wands- INTP
King of Cups- ENFJ
Queen of Cups- INFJ
Page of Cups- INFP
King of Swords- ESTJ
Queen of Swords- ISTJ
Knight of Swords- ESTP
Page of Swords- ISTP
King of Pentacles- ESFJ
Queen of Pentacles- ISFJ
Knight of Pentacles- ESFP
Page of Pentacles- ISFP