More Tarot Plans

I’ve talked quanta into buying me yet another Tarot deck, the Pagan Tarot by Gina M. Pace. Honestly, I think the search for the perfect deck is never ending. Each time I get a deck that I expect to be “The One” I always find something wrong with it. So, I’ve stopped searching for “The One” and started seeing each deck as good for a certain type of reading.

Of course, the problem now is that I don’t do reading as often as I’d like. I’m thinking about offering some more free readings on


2 Responses

  1. BusyMe says:

    I had a friend that loved Tarot . . . she usually kept multiple decks with her, always . . . she had one ‘favorite’, then the others ‘just in case’ her favorite ‘felt wrong’. I don’t think I’m explaining it very well, but no Tarot reader I know has ever found a ‘perfect’ deck. Good Luck!

  2. Susan says:

    I tried doing a reading on myself with the cards, but it took me too long and by the time I was done I didn’t understand what it was saying so I gave up – they are packed away at the moment.