Exploring the Tree

I’ve recently started to re-read Lon Milo Duquette The Chicken Qabalah. It is an excellent introduction to all the things a dilettante needs to know about the mystical Qabalah, and it has really got me thinking. I’m starting to wonder how the path that a cards sits on on the Tree of Life affects its meaning, and what happens to that card’s meaning if one uses a different arrangement of paths (as there are more then one). And what about the card’s meaning in each of the four Qabalistic worlds? How does it change, or does it change at all?

In the past, I wasn’t really interested in the Qabalah, partly because I saw it as being tied to the patriarchal religions I was trying to leave behind. But now I am realizing that it is part of the greater “Western Mystery Tradition”, which Wicca also belongs to. I may not agree with all the theory behind Qabalah, but I am finding it an extremely useful tool, and I think it would be foolish of me to ignore it any longer. And besides, there are at least two good books available that look at the Qabalah from a Wiccan perspective.