Looking Back on 2010 Resolutions

When I first sat down to write this entry, I was going to write about how I didn’t make any resolutions for 2010. And then I remembered that I did set some goals over on my needlework blog, Reflections in the Pond. So, I went to take a look, and lo and behold, I did have a list of what could be considered resolutions. My clearly stated intent for 2010 was to simplify. Did that happen? Uh, nope.

I did donate a lot of things to charity. Every time we emptied out a box of Baby Man’s diapers, I would fill it up with things for the charity box. We also threw away a bunch of things that weren’t useful for anyone anymore. But, honestly, the closets and drawers are all still full. (It doesn’t help that my yarn stash probably increased by two or three-fold this year… or four-fold. You know, a whole lot.)

I hardly ever wrote. I didn’t learn furoshiki. I didn’t work my way through The Inner Organizer, or write much in my personal journal, and I did gain a whole bunch of weight. But, you know, 2010 was far from a bust. I’m not sure I can put into words exactly what I mean. But, even with my bad temper and awful moods, I know I’m coming out of this year a better person.

I’m still thinking about the resolutions I want to set for next year. Losing weight is high on the list, but so is doing more crafts with Baby Man. I mean, how could I not want to do more of this:

Christmas Crafts with Baby Man