Winding Down the Year

With less than three weeks left in 2010, I feel like looking back and what I’ve accomplished and thinking about what I’d still like to do.

2010 started out pretty poorly, really. Baby Man threw up all over himself and me on our way to a family get together. That kicked off a year of terrible car sickness. Baby Man will throw up after travelling less than three blocks. We’ve tried several things and have had a couple of successful (short) trips, but Baby Man is not happy in cars at all. Unfortunately, his car sickness also extends to the subway, so we are pretty much confined to our neighbourhood. (This is made all the more funny because there is nothing Baby Man loves more than cars. Not even his momma.)

There were money issues, and unexpected windfalls. There were health problems, not all of which have been resolved. (I still feel like crap, and no one knows why for sure.) Thankfully no one we knew intimately died, and happily there were births of beautiful babies who are all happy and healthy today. A marriage ended, and an engagement was announced. And, most importantly, everyone we love is happy and relatively healthy today.

At one point we thought we might end up moving to the other side of the world, but now that isn’t likely to happen. Which is okay, since I’d miss my craft stash very much. Oh, and I’d probably miss my parents too.

I witnessed the end of a friendship this year too. Not mine, but two ladies who I like both very much. It made me sad to see the friendship end, because (as someone who really doesn’t have any real life friends) I know that good friends are hard to find. But in the midst of this event, I was lucky to find a lovely group of people online who I consider myself very lucky to know.

2010 wasn’t the best year I’ve ever had, but it was far from the worst. Baby Man is happy, healthy and smart as a whip. The husband is doing work he enjoys, and I’m doing okay. I got a lot of knitting and stitching done, at least.

In the last three or so weeks of the year, I’d really like to take time to think about the big three I mentioned a few posts back. I want to make those the theme of 2011. I want to get back to eating right, even with all the temptation over the next few weeks. I want to revel in my stash and plan some projects for next year. (Dare I saw I don’t want to buy new stash next year? Yeah, that isn’t going to happen since I have at least two purchases planned, but I do want to limit that spending severely.)

Mostly, I want to close out the year happy, healthy, sort of organized, and with my family around me.

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  1. Gen says:

    that sounds like a wonderful way to end the year 🙂