Still Thinking About 2011 Goals

Somehow, I’m sitting at my computer at 10 o’clock on the evening of January 1st, and I still haven’t come up with concrete resolutions for 2011. Oh, I have some goals. And, surprisingly, some of those goals are actually pretty carefully planned out. But, they are all craft-related, and, sadly, there is more to my life than that.

I could just say I’m going to do X and Y just so that I have some resolutions. But, I think it is more important to plan out what I really want to achieve rather than just say any old thing so I feel better.

I do have one goal I have decided on though, and it is a very important one. I’ve been chubby since sometime in university. I was lucky that I gained almost no weight from my pregnancy (if you can call throwing up for nearly nine months lucky). About six months after Baby Man was born, I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 30 lbs. And then something happened: I got lazy. Oh, I didn’t gain too much weight back; at most 5 lbs. But, at the beginning of 2010 I started to feel really, really tired all the time. I began eating all the time, and anything I could get my hands on, just to give myself enough energy to get through the day. I was afraid to weigh myself because I didn’t want to know how much I had gained.

Well, today was the day to face up to the music. I’ve gained 50 lbs. I’m 20 lbs heavier than when I had Baby Man, and I am devastated. I know I can do better, and that I can cope with my tiredness and lose weight too. So, my goal is to be within my ideal weight range in time for my 35th birthday, next May. 70 lbs in 18 months? I’m pretty sure I can do it. Of course, any good wishes and good thoughts would be welcome. 🙂