Time to Become More Simple?

Lately I’ve been reading quite a bit about the simplicity movement and minimalism.

I’m a born and bred city girl.  I like technology, and I like having access to anything I want either through nearby stores or over the Internet.  If I am totally truthful, I don’t like being told I can’t have something.  And yet, minimalism is starting to hold a great appeal for me.  It might be because I now have enough cross stitch stash to quite literally last me the rest of  my life (I would still need to buy some floss though), and because I have enough yarn to keep me busy for about the next 5 years, and maybe enough books still unread to last me a whole year (not to mention the ones I would happily reread, the free books I can get over the Internet, and books from the library).  I have enough. And, yet, I still want more.

But when I indulge myself, I end up feeling overwhelmed rather than happy with my purchase. It doesn’t make any sense, does it?