January Again?

Every year I make the same mistake: spring officially starts, and I put away the winter hats. And, of course, every year I have to get them back out again. This year they sat in the closet for a whole three days.

Winter in the park

That is the view from my bedroom window, overlooking our little park. Two days ago there was green-ish grass out there. Spring flowers were starting to poke through the earth. Yesterday it snowed. It snowed about 15 cm (around 6″). That doesn’t sound like too much, but when you aren’t expecting it, it is more than enough.

There are a couple of good things about the snow. First, it is pretty. Early spring can be a little unattractive, with all the yuck leftover from the winter.

Second, it gives the little man and I another chance to get out in the snow. (Would you believe we’ve haven’t used his snow suit yet this year.)

Third, I can take some pretty pictures:

Snowy evergreen

And lastly, it means that it is still hot chocolate season!