No Peanuts, Please

It seems like the little man is going to be That Kid. You know, the one that is allergic to peanuts, so no one can have peanut butter or store bought cookies, or any of that good stuff.

Okay, that isn’t entirely true.  Yes, the little man is allergic to peanuts. We will always have to carry an EpiPen with us (the allergist suggests two in case the ambulance can’t get to us quickly enough). We will always have to read labels, and watch what he eats. One day, when he is away from home more, we may even have to get him a MedicAlert bracelet. But, because he isn’t as severely allergic as some people (e.g. people who react even to inhaled peanut dust), we have no intention of becoming draconian about it. No “No Peanuts” t-shirts for him, and no signs on our door.

I’m not sure what the future will hold. There is a small chance he will grow out of it. Or he may not. Either way, it is important that he learns to manage his own allergy as soon as he is able. It is his (and our) problem to deal with, not his school’s or anyone else.