When I’m Sad

Hmmm, I may need to rethink the NaBloPoMo thing. Today’s prompt is: What is the best poem to read when you’re feeling sad?  Ummm… I haven’t got a clue. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. I told you I didn’t like poetry.

When I’m feeling sad, I like to pout in the bedroom, away from everyone else (who are probably the people who made me feel sad in the first place). I like to read a good book (historical mysteries are my current favourites), have a bath, and go to sleep. I also like to brood. Of course, I also like to brood over things when I’m happy too. It’s just my nature.

I also like to plan when I’m sad. I make lists about how I would like my day to go, or the chores I know I should tackle. There are pages and pages of notes like these in various notebooks scattered around my desks. Want to guess how often I make these changes?


Maybe that is why I get sad about things I know I can fix.

To end things on a bit of a happier note, I’ve just started reading [amazon_link id=”0811846350″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]You Can Do It!: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls[/amazon_link] by Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas. What an inspiring book! The first badge (and, obviously they don’t need to be accomplished in order) is to dream. I can’t tell you how much I needed that sort of permission. Bliss!

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  1. Anny P says:

    I know exactly what you mean about poetry – I’d have much the same response. Perhaps something from Pam Ayres might cheer the soul a tad, but a good old sulk is far better.