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Adpot-a-Deity: Athena

Athena is one of the twelve gods of Olympus. She is Zeus’ daughter by the nymph Metis. Athena was actually born fully formed, and fully armed, from Zeus’ forehead, as He had swallowed Metis whole when He learned that any son she bore Him would overthrow his father. Athena is protective of the image of […]

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Adopt-a-Deity – Lan Tsai-Ho

Lan Tsai-Ho is the mountebank of the Chinese Eight Immortals. She poses as a wandering singer, denouncing this fleeting life and its delusive pleasures1. The basket of flowers she carries is full of plants associated with longevity‚ÄĒchrysanthemums, plum blossoms, pine, bamboo, etc. Lan Tsai-Ho is sometimes represented as a woman and sometimes as a young, […]

Adopt-a-Deity – The Norns

Norse mythology has never been a great interest of mine. I will freely admit to first discovering Verdandi in the guise of Belldandy, in the manga Ah, My Goddess!. There she is a lovely goddess who, with her two sisters, has come to earth to help a collage student named Keiichi Morisato. In the anime […]


Adopt-a-Deity – Venus

It has been a long time since I posted my last Adopt-a-Deity entry. Inspiration for another entry came to me when I was listening to Bananarama’s Venus. Venus (similar to the Greek Aphrodite), is the Roman goddess of love and beauty, although it is believed that She may have originally been a vegetation goddess. She […]


My summer cold continues, and since I can hardly stay awake, I didn’t feel much like writing anything witty and/or interesting. It’s been ages since I had an Adopt-a-Deity entry, so I thought it was about time I posted one. (Yes, I am able to do research while sick. It’s a skill that I picked […]



Adopt-a-Deity is new project of Delphi Coven, one of the online groups that I am a part of. The idea is to research a deity that you are unfamiliar with and present your findings to the group so that everyone can learn a little bit about a new god or goddess. Since I am totally […]