Hexing vs. Healing

I’ve been thinking about joining the Pagan Speak web ring. I was waiting for the new August topics to be posted, but since they seem to be delayed, I thought I’d try one of the July topics. Also, it ties in nicely with an essay I’m working on for my main site, part of which I will reproduce here.

Topic #1 : Hexing vs. Healing (thanks to Syrenichol)
What do you think about hexing vs. healing?
The saying goes, “a witch can’t hex, can’t heal,” but not every witch agrees to this. Wiccans follow a moral code, “an ye harm none, do as ye will,” but what about self-defense and the idea that you’d be harming someone’s will? Do you even follow the rede? If not what are your beliefs? Have you hexed, have you healed?

I don’t agree with the sentiment that a witch who cannot hex, cannot heal, if it is taken literally. Many Wiccans choose not to practice any sort of “harm,” following the spirit of the Rede. They likely still understand the mechanics and ideas behind a “hex,” even without preforming one. These people can still be excellent healers, usually because they are very empathic.

Banishing spells, which are useful for self-defence and healing, can be considered a “hex” in terms of the above statement, in that they can been seen to cause harm to someone’s self-will. But banishments cast to rid the body of a disease are actually positive. In reality, any spell can be twisted, becoming a “hex.” It is the care and concern of the practitioner that makes the difference.

In terms of self-defence, the line between “hex”, or harming, and “heal” are much more blurred. On one hand, by not taking any magical action, you are allowing yourself to be harmed. On the other hand, by casting a binding spell or something similar, you are harming the other person. So, where would I personally draw the line? First, I would take any mundane legal action required. Not doing so is just silly. Then I would tackle the problem magically from my end. By that I mean I would banishes negative energy (or whatever) from myself and cast spells to protect me, rather then cast binding spells on the other person.

I do my best to follow the Rede, and I do my best to cause as little harm as possibly. I’m not perfect. But I have never cast any spell that I would consider a “hex” or negative. I always try to find a positive way to tackle the problem.


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  1. dekora says:

    thanks for your submission to PaganSpeak! I apologise for not having the August topics up, I’ve had to reformat and gotten behind 🙁 Thanks for doing the July topic, very interesting!

  2. rainbow pangeastorm says:

    I disagree with the idea that magick and witchcraft should be used solely in a positive way. The witches and magicians of the past, they who walked enlightened with the power of the gods to aid them, were not afraid to create justice with their magick. They did what their hearts told them and remembered that it takes more intelligence and ethics to choose the proper magickal tool at hand then to just shun one half, an equal balance, of witchcraft. The witches of the past did many things I don’t agree on, like animal sacrifice and hiding their beliefs, but I think they were right to use the neccessary magick for a cause. The key was to really understand what they intended to do and to bear responsibility. Remember, they practiced the craft for centuries before the Wiccan rede or rule of three were created, and they did fine. Also, originally in Gardner’s reconstructed Wicca, we were advised not to do harm for fear of persecution from the christians. That threat is over, and many of us are public with our faith. If someone gets sick or goes bankrupt, they will no longer blame it one ” a witch” and lynch him/her. While I respect the morals of others, I felt it was integral to the tradition of witchcraft to reveal accurate information on historical witchcraft and its own take on ethical witchcraft.

  3. Silverlotus says:

    I believe you have good points, if you look at this from the point of view of witchcraft. However, I am looking at it from the point of view of Wicca, which I don’t see as being reconstructed by Gardner. (I believe he created it, possibly from an earlier tradition or not.) I am not a witch and I don’t claim to follow the traditions of the old wise woman or midwife.