Inspiring Ethics

I read a wonderful book this week which I am going to shamelessly plug. It is called When, Why… If, and is written by artist and Wiccan priestess Robin Wood. (Here’s a link to the area of her site listing her books and such.) It is a book about personal ethics, covering topics like love, honesty and harm.

Ms. Wood has written an excellent book detailing her ideas about certain aspects of personal ethics. She has managed to create a book that is useful to both Wiccans and non-Wiccans alike. The questions she poses at the end of the chapters are very thought provoking, and can be difficult to work through. I haven’t answered any of the question yet since I wanted to read the book through once before attempting them. I did read the questions, and I know that there are more then a couple that are going to cause me a bit of pain.

Beyond inspiring me to consider my own ethics, I think Ms. Wood has inspired me in other ways. For CFFN and CUEW, if someone wishes to become a member of the Third Circle they must produce some work that is of value to the Wiccan community. I’ve been wracking my brains for a while trying to think of something I could do if I decided to pursue entry into the Third Circle. Honestly, I hadn’t any idea. I don’t see myself as having a lot of talent. But, now I think I would like to produce a work on ethics and virtues. I’m not sure if it will be Wiccan or secular, a historic survey or a personal work, but the details can be worked out later. I’m inspired again, and that’s wonderful.