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Bible Belt Paradox Debate

There is an interesting conversation going on across a couple of blogs right now. PJ at PJ’s Big Adventure post an entry about how corrupt the Bible Belt states in the U.S. seem to be. (Wikipedia entry about the Bible Belt for those who don’t know much about it.) PJ muses that this paradox might […]

Being Ethical

I’d like to think that I am an ethical person.  I try to do the right thing in any given situation, but I also occasionally do unethical like taking mild revenge at people who annoy me. (One co-worker drives me nuts sometimes, and I’ve gotten my revenge once or twice.)  I also take advantage of […]

Being Honest

I sometimes wonder about my honesty. I don’t think that I am dishonest, exactly. Rather, I have a very black and white view of the world, and when I’m not completely honest (even if it is in an effort to save someone’s feelings) I feel like I have failed. Strangely enough, I do tell a […]

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Some Ideas About the Ethics of Healing

Today I read a very short piece about the ethics behind asking permission before performing a healing for someone. Actually, the essay doesn’t really explain the ethics, it just mentions that it is now a common belief that one must do this. I think that the requirement of asking permission comes from the idea of […]

Inspiring Ethics

I read a wonderful book this week which I am going to shamelessly plug. It is called When, Why… If, and is written by artist and Wiccan priestess Robin Wood. (Here’s a link to the area of her site listing her books and such.) It is a book about personal ethics, covering topics like love, […]

To Tell the Truth

With Mabon right around the corner, I’ve been inspired to do some fall cleaning. I’m a strange mix of pack rat and neat freak. Things get neatly filed away in drawers for a little while, then I go on a cleaning binge and get rid of it all. I’d sure save a lot of time […]