All Good Things…

I’m very sad and disappointed today. Kaatryn MacMorgan, the head of Universal Eclectic Wicca (UEW) and the Coven of the Far Flung Net (CFFN) has decided to shut down CFFN. In her email to the members of CFFN, she seemed to me to say that she didn’t like that the teaching covens of CFFN were being used to create families and support groups. I can see how this is a problem if carried to an extreme, but in my Clan the family atmosphere helped us to learn more from each other. Quite frankly, I think I learned just as much from my fellow Clan members as I did from the CFFN lessons. And if I wasn’t supposed to form supportive friendship with the people that I have been learning with for over a year, then I think I was in the wrong place.

So, I guess now my studies will continue on alone. It was nice to have a community, even if for a little while. But as much as I enjoyed learning with others, I think I will avoid groups again for a while. It would be difficult to have another community pulled out from under me.

Being a solitary can be difficult, but it can also rewarding. I think I will take a few days to refocus myself before I pick up my studies again. After the long holiday season, a bit of rest is probably a good idea anyway. I think I will finish up the Second Circle CFFN lessons though. I have gotten a lot out of them, and I hate to leave things unfinished.