Knowing Yourself

I think to be a really spiritual person that one needs to engage in a certain amount of self-discovery. But when does it turn from healthily introspection to unhealthy navel gazing? A myriad of books are dedicated to helping the reader discover their true selves, their full potential, and their true calling. But while we are sitting in our living room reading these books, how much are we really doing?

I also wonder about the methods presented in these books. Sure, they may have worked for the author, but who is to say they will work for us. I think the method one uses for self-discovery is a form of personal gnosis. You can try to share it, but it probably won’t give anyone else the same results you got from it. I’m not saying that reading these books won’t help you. I have more then a couple on my own bookshelf (many of which will soon be donated to my local public library). But, don’t look in them for answers. Rather, look in them for ideas on how to find your own path.

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  1. kat says:

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Not sure what the term would be in wiccan if there is one! 🙂