Crowley was Right!

I’ve had a sort of epiphany today. I’ve sort of been working on two tracks lately (well, actually more, but only these two apply here). First, like everyone, I’m working to know myself better. It is sort of the whole simple abundance, authenticity sort of thing. I haven’t been particularly successful, but I’m making headway. The second track is studying Crowley, the Thoth Tarot, and the Qabalah. It is a little bit heavy, and I don’t really understand everything, but things are starting to fall into place.

Well, this morning as I am reading Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach, it hit me! All these self-help books, all these movements towards simplifying our lives and discovering who we are, I know what they are. They are an attempt to discover our Thelema, our Will. Not in the way Crowley did, but in a way that is easier for everyday people, people who are not students of the occult or Western Mystery Traditions, to understand. But the purpose is the same, to know your Will, and to act on it. These books tell you to examine why you have the things you do and why you want the things you want. Isn’t that just a way to know your Will?

This is a pretty big breakthrough for me, even that the connection might seem obvious to others. Just coming to grips with the fact that Crowley was right is enough to turn my world on its ear!

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  1. Very, very exciting!

    A had a similiar revelation when I finally understood what Crowley meant by Will. It blew the door off of magic for me: I understood what it meant for magic to be “the act of changing consciousness in accordance with Will”. It had nothing to do with our phenomenal, egotistic Will, but with that aspect of ourselves which manifests the Goddess, and seeks re-union with the All.

    My advice: Take it slowly, meditate often, and leave nothing unquestioned. You’ve reached a critical juncture of your Path, and things should start falling into place if you keep up with your studies and your practice. Best of Blessings!