Daily Spirituality

Kensho Godchaser has done it again. It seems there is always a posting over there that talks directly to me. Today’s is This Day Our Daily Goddess, which is full of suggestions for connecting with the Goddess everyday, not just once or twice a month.

In a similar vein, I recently read Dianne Sylvan’s The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition, an excellent book about creating a daily spiritual practice. This is something I would dearly love to do, and about which I have been thinking about more and more. But… (and there is always a but) I keep putting it off. After the winter holidays, I said, when things are back to normal. Then I found out we were moving to TO. Now I say after we have moved and are settled in. I will probably find another excuse then. So why don’t I start now? Well… I’m embarrassed. quanta came into the bedroom one time while I was meditating, and I felt so silly. I’d feel even sillier doing it everyday, maybe several times a day. And I’d also be embarrassed if he knew I read devotional poems to the Lord and Lady, or said daily prayers to Them. I am a horribly shy person. I won’t even exercise if quanta is home. Anything that is even remotely self-improvement oriented I want to keep totally to myself. So, instead of connecting with my deities, I’m worried about what someone else will think. It is pretty dumb, since I know quanta would be happy if I found a little more peace within myself.

So what am I going to do? I just don’t know.


2 Responses

  1. kat says:

    I’m sure quanta wouldn’t be judgemental at all. I’m assuming very supportive. I need to start reading some of these books you talk about. I know my 15 year old daughter tries to read as much as she can on the Wiccan religion and she really loves it. I’ve seen her attitude about herself change alot since she started reading them. Me on the other hand need some serious help *L* I won’t even dress infront of my hubby nor go to bed with the lights on. I need help! *L*

  2. Joe Perez says:

    I can relate to your shyness with other people around when trying to pray or meditate. I don’t have a partner currently, so the only disruption I get for my mostly-daily spiritual practice is my cat Rusty. But he’s a nuisance. He demands attention, often loudly interrupting me with a meow while I’m trying to meditate.

    Now that I think about it there was another time someone sorta freaked me out. It wasn’t while I was trying to pray though. It was moving day, and my mom (religious and Catholic, bless her soul) was trying to hard to be helpful by packing things for me because I was running behind. And she happened to get to my altar and started packing things away and asking questions like “what’s this for?” and I just snapped. I didn’t like that one bit. 🙂