Three Fold Law

Yesterday I wrote about my feelings on the Rede. Today, I’d like to look at the Three Fold Law. In simple terms, it says that any thing we do will be visited upon us three times, for good or ill. In her book Philosophy of Wicca, Amber Laine Fisher suggests that the Three Fold Law refers a return of actions through body, mind and spirit. While I don’t necessarily agree with her, I think that that is an interesting theory.

My thoughts are a little different then what is “traditionally” taught. I don’t necessarily believe that my actions will be returned to me in threes. Rather, I see the universe as trying to maintain some sort of balance. I don’t mean that if you do something good then something bad will happen. Goodness knows that there are enough people doing actions on both sides that there is no need to create balance that way. Instead, if I do good actions, I create an aura of goodness about me, for lack of a better term. In doing so, I draw good actions towards me. If I do bad things, then it only makes sense that I open myself up to have bad things happen to me. We draw to us what we put out.

Sometimes, however, bad things happen to good people. I don’t see this as a form of punishment or the Three Fold Law in action. Rather, it is part of the set of lessons that we must learn in this life. It may be that our lesson is to overcome pain, death, etc, and the method we choose to do so is up to us.

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  1. SilverWing says:

    Wiccan’s say that there is a three fold law. But wicca did not even become a religion or what have you until the thirties and it did not come out of the closit until the early forties. They all seem to think that they are the true and real witches. But I say there is no so called three fold law, as if there were then there would be no balance in the energies at all. True witchcraft came long before Wicca ever did, but it’s like their all going around stamping their names all over the creation, preaching about what High Priestesses that they are, and how much of a real witch that they are, and they are not! The real and true witches are sick and tired of hearing about their three fold law!! Real witches do what ever they want and are skilled enough to know how to direct energy and use energy with out any effect what so ever upon themselves. I’ve yet to see Wiccans even know the true practice of witchcraft. They are very watered down and entirely to scared of their own shadows to be a true practicer of witchcraft.