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Multi-blog The Juggler recently had an entry about the validity of paths, Recurring Rant: “All paths are Valid.”. There are several points I agree with in this entry. Quite frankly, I am tired of the political correctness that inundates the online Pagan movement. We cannot disagree with anyone lest we be branded intolerant or even a bigot. Personally, I just keep my mouth shut. But lately so many things have driven me nuts that I have all but withdrawn from any type of community.

As Mikki says at Non Fluffy Wicca, the destination of each path may be different, so why would we say that all paths are valid? If I am a Wiccan, as I am, clearly a path based on Christian doctrine isn’t a valid path for me. Many elements of such a path would be directly contradictory to what I believe in, such as sin. I also have a difficult time believing that paths that allow, or even promote, violence are valid. To me, spiritual progress can not be made when one is focused on committing violence. That being said, I don’t think any such path is valid. And I think that if I were to say that all paths are valid, I would be betraying my beliefs.

That’s not to say that paths I don’t understand aren’t valid. Far from it. But I think that we need to be reasonable as well as tolerant. We need to examine what the path teaches and how it teaches it. We need to know if it fills are real spiritual need for its practitioners, or if it is just an ego boost and/or money making scheme for the leaders and/or followers. We need to understand a path, even if only at a basic level, before we can declare it valid. And, as intolerant as it may sound, some paths will never be valid to me, especially those that avoid difficult issues in favor of a sweetness and light approach to life.

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  1. scarlett says:

    exactly!! well said.
    and because no one will stand up and say that some paths aren’t valid, it becomes very hard for people starting out to find their way.